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Direct and priority access to Tax and VAT specialist consultants

Monthly eCPD module for your practice and your staff 

Invitation to regular webinars hosted by a specialist 

Draw down on your consultancy bank, this includes any complex written tax and VAT consultancy

What we cover


  • Property Business Incorporation
  •  Business disposals, Business Assets Disposal Relief and Substantial Shareholding Exemption
  •  Reorganisations, Demergers and Clearance Applications 
  • Capital Gains Tax relief and exemptions
  • Private Residence Relief 
  • Residence, Domicile and Double Tax Relief 
  • Assistance with Share and 
    Business Valuations 
  • Providing advice on Share Incentives to 
    key employees 
  • Company Purchase of Own Shares advice including Advance Clearance Applications
  • SDLT advice and relief 
  • IHT 
  • Trusts 
  • Corporation Tax inc. Groups, Consortiums, Loan Relationships
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  • Land and Property
    • Construction / Conversions
    • Land Sales and options
    • Capital Goods Scheme
  • International Trade

    • Place of Supply of goods and services
    • Imports and Exports of Goods inc. Brexit/NI Protocol
  • Transfers of a Going Concern
  • Partial Exemption
  • Charities and Not For Profit
  • Organisations
  • Health Professionals
  • Insurance and Finance
  • Education providers
  • VAT Compliance Reviews
  • Clearance Applications
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Welcome to VIP

Verity McReynolds - VIP Concierge Manager 

As your VIP Concierge Manager, I work closely with your practice to craft a personalised package of premium consultancy support—all to help you grow your business and support your clients.

With over 25 years of UK financial client experience, I’ve seen and solved thousands of tax & VAT challenges. So, I know how to connect you with the correct type of guidance, and make sure that your My VIP Tax Team journey is engaging, effective and exceptional.

So, with a direct line to VIP Tax, VAT and Employment advisors, plus access to highly-experienced consultants for written work, my team and I are here to guarantee that your every VIP experience is remarkable.

I look forward to working with you soon!


See what our clients say about us 

The VIP Tax team has been great, as a small practice, we did not have the knowledge and proficiency in each and every field of tax.
I am extremely happy with the product, and I believe it is a life-saver for small practices and practitioners. The VIP Tax team has a large variety of specialists, and as I have a small team in my practice, we use the majority of the fields such as personal tax, VAT, Corporation tax and others.

What I love most is that the explanation provided by the team is very clear, and they do not rush the explanation, and the team also provides links to relevant sources.
We have been able to provide services we were not able to before such as Statutory Residence Tests, as we could not provide such services as a small team, and we are actually thinking that post-Covid, we may be able to add the SRT test and other work on tax in our range of services with the help of the VIP Tax team! It would be fair to say that during the COVID period, the VIP Tax Team is one of the main instruments we had that let us stay afloat!

Generally, I think the idea is genius and has been an enormous help, especially to such a niche as sole practitioners and small practices all around the UK.

Kind regards,

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As helpful as always
An efficient and comprehensive response. Really helpful!


Expert and efficient service 
Very speedy response recent tax queries from Elaine and Laura. They have a high level of knowledge and it was reassuring to be able to go back to clients with certainty 


Always happy to have a professional team supporting us 
Very helpful advice given by the Croner adviser 


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Your exclusive package includes


  • Employment related securities
  • PAYE reporting obligations
  • Benefits in Kind – P11d reporting
  • Statutory Payments
  • Termination Awards
  • International Mobile Employees
  • PAYE Settlement Agreements (PSA)
  • CIS
  • Travel and Subsistence
  • Employment Allowance
  • Holiday Entitlement and Pay
  • Auto Enrolment
  • National Minimum Wage